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QuickQuiz: Single-Digit Division - Remainders

This activity was designed to help you practice division. You're going to see a variety of problems that ask you to divide two-digit numbers by one-digit numbers. All of the questions combine random values. This quiz works with values in the traditional division layout (with the sideways "L") and you will have remainders for many of the problems. We work out the problem after you click the answer.

Good luck and have fun.


This is another NumberNut three-choice quiz. Once you start the activity you will see a math problem. To the right side or below that problem are three possible answers. It's your job to figure out the correct answer and click the answer. The next screen will show you the correct answer. Some of these quizzes will show you how to get the right answer.

You will get a happy or sad face for every question you finish. Once you finish ten (10) questions, the quiz will be over. Take the quiz again because all of the questions are random. Chances are, you'll get a new quiz every time. It's good practice to learn these basic arithmetic operations.

- Division
- Memory Challenge: Division by One
- Memory Challenge: Division by Two
- Memory Challenge: Division by Three
- Memory Challenge: Division by Four
- Memory Challenge: Division by Five
- Memory Challenge: Division by Six
- Memory Challenge: Division by Seven
- Memory Challenge: Division by Eight
- Memory Challenge: Division by Nine
- Memory Challenge: Division by Ten
- QuickQuiz: Single-Digit Division (No Rem.)
- QuickQuiz: Single-Digit Division (Rem.)
- QuickQuiz: Single-Digit Division (Rem.)
- QuickQuiz: One/Two-Digit Division (<10)
- QuickQuiz: One/Two-Digit Division (No Rem.)
- QuickQuiz: One/Two-Digit Division (No Rem.)
- QuickQuiz: One/Two-Digit Division (Rem.)
- Pick-a-Card: Division Word Problems

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