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Why Learn About Dates and Times?

The Earth orbits around the Sun one time in a year.. As you learn about math, you will learn about basic skills that include arithmetic and geometry. You will also learn about ways to apply those skills to everyday life. This section covers ideas about dates and times. You will also find other sections on our site about units of measurement and money. These concepts are all a part of your life. Your life becomes easier when you understand the concept of passing time.

Never too Young to Date

We're not talking about going out at night for a nice dinner. We think you're ready to know what real dates are. Understanding calendars, years, months, and days is a super-important skill. Even before written calendars, farmers knew the basic seasons of the year. They knew when to plant seeds and harvest crops. You might not need to know about the month to plant your crops, but you probably want to know when you go on vacation, the number of days until a holiday, or when your birthday is. You need to be on the ball and know when those days are coming. That's why you need to understand dates.

Time and Time Again

Every morning you wake up you need to know the time. Every night you probably have parents telling you when to go to bed. Its' also nice to know when your favorite show is on television. To know the answers to those questions, you need to understand time. The easy thing you need to know is how to read a clock. There are also more detailed ideas about time that include how seconds relate to minutes, hours, and days. If you can count, you can tell time.


Date and Time Activity "How Much Time has Passed?" in Thirty Minute Amounts
- Play Activity

Date and Time Activity Reading Analog and Digital Clocks
- Play Activity

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