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Pick-a-Bar: Finding Values in the Thousandths Place

This little decimal activity has you looking for values in specific places. Start by remembering that whole numbers are found on the left side of the decimal point and values smaller than one are on the right side. As you move further and further to the right, the values get smaller even though you still use the same ten numbers. A five (5) in the tenths position is much larger than a five (5) in the ten-thousandths position. Here is a key to help you with the labels:

"0" is a whole number in the ones position.
"1" is the value in the tenths position.
"2" is the value in the hundredths position.
"3" is the value in the thousandths position.
"4" is the value in the ten-thousandths position.
"5" is the value in the hundred-thousandths position.
"6" is the value in the millionths position.

They go on like that. Remember that the positions that end with a "th" are decimal values less than one. This activity will have you looking for the values in the hundredths position. That's the third number to the right of the decimal point.

Good luck and have fun.


This is one of the NumberNut four-bar activities. Your question will be displayed at the top of the screen. Under that question, you will see four (4) possible answers. Just click on the bar with the correct answer. The next screen will show you the correct answer.

You get a happy face for every correct answer and a sad face for every wrong answer. The quiz is over after ten (10) questions. Take the quiz again and again because all of the questions are random. Chances are, you'll get a new quiz every time. It's good practice to learn these basic arithmetic operations.

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