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Pick-a-Card: Learning the Phases of the Moon

It was hard to come up with a challenge for months. We decided to have you look at phases of the Moon. All you have to do is figure out the correct phase. The Moon goes through a cycle that lasts about 28 days and starts over. Let's say we asked, "What phase of the Moon is 28 days after a full moon?" You would know that the answer is a "full moon." Every 28 days it all starts over.

You will learn some new terms here. A crescent is a sliver of a moon. A quarter moon appears when the moon is half-bright and half-dark. A gibbous moon is one that is about three-quarters bright. A full moon is when the entire moon is bright. New Moons are completely dark or black.

Here are the phases and days they appear (for our quiz):
New Moon: Day 0 or Day 28ish (The moon is dark.)
Waxing Crescent: Days 3-4 (There is only a sliver of a moon visible.)
First Quarter: Day 7 (Half of the moon is bright.)
Waxing Gibbous: Day 10-11
Full Moon: Day 14 (The entire moon is lit.)
Waning Gibbous: Day 17-18
Last Quarter: Day 21 (Half of the moon is bright.)
Waning Crescent: Day 24-25 (There is only a sliver of a moon visible.)
New Moon: Day 28ish or Day 0 (The moon is dark.)

Good luck and have fun.


This is one of the NumberNut four-card activities. Your question will be displayed at the top of the screen. Under that question, you will see four (4) possible answers. Just click on the card with the correct answer. The next screen will show you the correct answer.

You get a happy face for every correct answer and a sad face for every wrong answer. The quiz is over after ten (10) questions. Take the quiz again and again because all of the questions are random. Chances are, you'll get a new quiz every time. It's good practice to learn these basic arithmetic operations.

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