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Is There Enough?: Values Less Than One Dollar

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Good luck and have fun.


This is another NumberNut yes or no quiz. You will be given a word problem and asked if you have enough money. Count the coins in the display area. If the value of the coins is equal to or greater than the amount you need, your answer is "Yes." If you don't have enough money, answer "No."

You will get a check mark or an "X" for every question you finish. Once you finish ten (10) questions, the quiz will be over. Take the quiz again because all of the questions are random. Chances are, you'll get a new quiz every time. It's good practice to learn about counting coins.

- Money Math
- QuickQuiz: Count the Pennies
- QuickQuiz: Count the Dollars
- QuickQuiz: Count the Dimes
- Pick-a-Card: Coin Word Problems
- QuickQuiz: Count the Fifty Cent Pieces
- Is There Enough?: Values to Thirty Cents
- QuickQuiz: Adding Amounts to Thirty Cents
- More or Less: Values to Thirty Cents
- QuickQuiz: Count the Quarters
- Is There Enough?: Values Under One Dollar
- Pick-a-Card: Values Under One Dollar
- QuickQuiz: Count the Nickels
- QuickQuiz: Adding Under One Dollar
- More or Less: Values Under One Dollar
- QuickQuiz: Adding Under Ten Dollars
- QuickQuiz: Subtracting Under Ten Dollars

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