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The California set of standards are not your only option. The State of California has developed a set of content standards for their public school system. We are using their requirements as a general guideline for the content available on We currently detail the information on the site as it relates to the math standards for K-8. After each standard you will find a list of links to any content found on

If you would like to look at the complete list of content standards for all subjects visit the "Content Standards for California Public Schools" that has been developed by the California Department of Education. They have also adopted Common Core State Standards in August 2010 and have a link to an outside PDF at

We are not affiliated with the State of California in any way. We just use their standards as a starting point for our content development.

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Grade Two
Grade Three
Grade Four
Grade Five
Grade Six
Grade Seven

Curious about standards in other areas?:
New York State Education Department
Texas State Essential Knowledge and Skills
Florida State Mathematics Standards
Washington State Superintendant of Public Instruction
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

United Kingdom National Curriculum Online
United Kingdom National Curriculum Strategies
New Zealand Ministry of Education
Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority
Government of Alberta, Canada

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