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We have a few notes for you...
- There is a Site Map that will help direct you to specific topics and ideas.
- If you're just browsing around, you'll find a search function on most pages.
- Since we have so many activities, you will find links directly from each of the sections or topic pages. There is no complete listing.

Who are We?

NUMBERNUT.COM is a new site developed by Andrew Rader Studios. We received so many requests for math information that we wanted to make a small site that would introduce math basics to our regular visitors. We have fun making our sites. We hope you have a good time while they are here (the activities are the big attraction here). If you want to see what topics are available, visit our site map.


Our two main areas are the site tools and larger math sections. The tools include a site map, glossary, and list of math standards. You can get to those tools when you click the small words by the navigation at the top of the page.

You will also find links to the main sections of the site at the top of each page. Those links look like colored buttons. When you get to the main sections, you will find many tutorials and activities. Each math section has different information. There's a lot of information on the site. We did our best to try and organize it all.

Each section is divided into separate topics. You will find the list of topics on the side of the page. Each topic has a few tutorial pages and activities. There will always be a link to the activities at the bottom of the pages and the last choice of the side navigation.

The structure of NumberNut with sections, topics, and tutorials.


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