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Thanks for visiting! Right now you're on NUMBERNUT.COM. If you are looking for math information, stay on this site. You can start by choosing one of the math topics we cover.

We now have three sections on the site:
Shapes & Colors, Numbers & Counting,

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

Number Types, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Estimation & Rounding, Ratios, Money, and Factors.

Graphing, Roots and Exponents, Units, Advanced Numbers, Scientific Notation, and Variables.

This site offers an introduction to mathematics and its variety of topics. It's not just for kids, it's for everyone (even if you aren't a number nut). If you're still not sure what to click, try our site map that will show you all of the topics we cover. If you surf the site and get lost in all of the information, use the search function on the side of the pages.

OKAY! Let's start here...

So you're asking, what is MATH? Well... Here's our best definition. Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, and change. Do you think that's a bit general? It was meant to be. Math is a part of everything in the universe.

You might be a farmer that needs to measure your land or count your crops. You might be a cook who needs to know how much food to buy. You might be a nuclear physicist that is studying the movements and activity of atoms. All of those jobs use math at one point or another. Math is just as important when you go to buy a burger, as it is to help plot the movement of planets.

Ideas and concepts in math are also universal because they are based in logic and deductive reasoning. Proofs, definitions, and theorems rule the actions of math whether you are from China, Great Britain, or another planet. The concept of "one" will always be "one" no matter what language you speak. Even computers speak math. They speak with a binary language (ones and zeroes). If this is all new to you, start with numbers and counting. You have to start somewhere.

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That's it for the introduction. Now it's up to you to click and have fun! Numbernut.com is one of many free learning sites developed by the team that made Chem4Kids, Biology4Kids, Geography4Kids, Cosmos4Kids, or Physics4Kids. If you're not into clicking graphics like home page image above, check out the site map where we detail all of the pages of the site for you.

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