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Number Lines: Adding Decimals with Hundredths

It's time for some number line fun! Fun might be an exaggeration. This activity challenges you to add values between one (0.01) and nine hundredths (0.09) to other numbers. The work is the same as with any other number line activity. If you know the answer quickly, don't even bother with the line. If you are having some trouble with the concept of adding tenths, count along the number line at the bottom to figure out the right answer.

The concept you should get out of this activity is that when you add values less than one, you might wind up with an answer that has the same ones and tenths values and only the hundredths change. In other words, you might not add enough to make the next whole or tenth value. Look at these examples:
5.23 + 0.02 = 5.25
5.23 + 0.04 = 5.27
5.23 + 0.06 = 5.29
5.23 + 0.08 = 6.31 (This is the only answer that increased the tenths value. You carried just like normal addition.)

Good luck and have fun.


You have probably seen number lines before. You start at one point and then count to the left or right. When you count, you hop from one point to the next. This activity gives you a number line to help you solve simple addition problems. Use the line to figure out your sum and then click the correct answer. After you click, you will see the correct sum and number line work.

You get a happy face for every correct answer and a sad face for every wrong answer. The quiz is over after ten (10) questions. Take the quiz again and again because all of the questions are random. You should get a new quiz every time. It's good practice to learn these basic arithmetic comparisons.

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