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QuickQuiz: Comparing Traits of Objects

Identifying traits and characteristics of objects is very important. This activity will ask you to look at two objects and compare a trait. Which object is bigger? Which object is wider? Which object is purple? Keep your eyes open, look at each image carefully, and then click on the correct answer. It's a random quiz so the choices will be new every time.

Good luck and have fun.


This NumberNut activity will have you comparing two items. You may need to choose the larger, smaller, greater, or more colorful object. The traits you are choosing change for each activity. Your question will be displayed at the top of the screen. Under that question, you will see two (2) choices. Just click on the choice with the correct answer. The next screen will tell you if you were right.

You get a happy face for every correct answer and a sad face for every wrong answer. The activity is over after ten (10) questions. Take it again and again because all of the questions are random. You should get a new version every time. It's good practice to learn these basic arithmetic operations.

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